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Delfi Capital Fund Management
  • Investor - Oriented
    Philosophy and Responsibility
  • Extensive knowledge
    and Expertise
  • Ongoing relationship and
    high quality of service
  • An excellent regulatory platform
    to explore RE opportunities in Cyprus & Greece

Who we are

A regulated investment management vehicle

We are an innovate and independent small alternative investment fund manager, with one goal. To provide our investors with access to compelling investment opportunities, enabling them to make considerable improvements to their performance and wealth while helping to drive positive impact in the real estate industry.

Advanced fundamental and trend analysis, local market knowledge, and operational management expertise allow us to capitalize on opportunities, build high conviction, and concentrated portfolios that create the most value possible.

Why Delfi Capital

for responsible investing

We believe that our duty is not only to act on the best interests of our stakeholders, but also to act with responsiveness and integrity, and promote a corporate culture to ensure that future needs are achieved and protected.

Successful investing in real estate assets is the product of cutting-edge development or redevelopment, innovating technologies and efficient management techniques – all of which contribute to lasting value.

Delfi Capital is founded by a team of investment professionals, with deep knowledge and experience spanning for multiple decades, able to provide access to every aspect of real estate investing.

Mission Statement

Our line of business

Our mission is to deliver sustainable growth value to help our investors reach their long-term financial goals, by leveraging our expertise and skills to spot and react in investment opportunities that provide regular income stream, support tax-efficient investing, offer key diversification and hedging benefits.

We achieve this through our investment strategies, and by adhering to our values and investment principles. We base everything we do on four key values: respect & investor value, integrity, excellence and emotional ownership, and that is ensured at every level of business relationship with our stakeholders.